Sewer Lines Installation and Repair

Markham Plumbing has the required equipment to unblock a plug in the main sewer pipeline.

Sewer Lines Installation and Repair in Markham

City sewer lines that run through your property come directly under your responsibility, and blockages in the main sewer line will cause sewage to back up into your home. To prevent a flood caused by sewer backup, a non-return valve should be installed.

Here at Markham Plumbing, we use a two-step approach to tackle sewage backup. First, we insert motorized corrugated cables into the pipeline in order to eliminate the blockage. And then, we use a long hose fitted with a high pressure device to pump the inside of the pipeline with water. This procedure will re-establish base flow and help keep your home safe from sewage backup.

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sewer lines installation and repair service:

Don’t let sewage backups cause a devastating flood in your basement and destroy precious household valuables! Contact Markham Plumbing at (289) 469-0424 today, and our plumbing experts will help you protect your home!

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Choosing Markham Plumbing means you are choosing the best available craftsmanship available in the area.  We are able to address simple drips as well as the most severe drainage or pipework problems.

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