Exterior Waterproofing

The exterior walls of the basement are cleaned and then inspected for any holes or cracks

Exterior Waterproofing Service in Markham

If water seeps into the basement, it will pose serious problems to your home. These problems include mold and mildew which are dangerous to those living in the home and can cause serious health problems! These problems are also very costly to fix!

Waterproofing puts an end to any problems associated with water seeping through the foundation and will allow you to have a mold-free and mildew-free home. It’ll also prevent any water damage to the home or foundation. Markham Plumbing provides a free assessment of the foundation to help you identify any problems that need to be addressed, and if waterproofing is what needs to be done then our procedure is fairly simple and ensures you the problem will never happen again!

We follow a standard procedure to waterproof your basement, using the following steps:

  • The perimeter of the basement wall is excavated, and the footings are exposed. The excavated trench is about 2 ft wide starting from the wall, and any excavated soil is placed on tarps to prevent dirtying any property.
  • The exterior walls of the basement are cleaned and then inspected for any holes or cracks
  • Any holes and cracks are filled with hydraulic cement which expands to seal the holes and cracks.
  • Cement parging is applied to the basement wall in order to increase wall strength and to serve as a base for waterproofing layers.
  • A dimpled waterproof membrane is attached to the basement wall to act as the first line of exterior waterproofing. The dimples are air spaces that aid in draining water to the weeping tiles that will be installed in the next step.
  • Weeping tiles and filter-cloth are installed next to the footing and are connected to the foundation’s drain system.
  • Clean coarse gravel is used to cover the weeping tiles in order to facilitate drainage to the foundation’s drain system.
  • A water test is performed to confirm that the system is draining well.
  • The excavated soil is then filled back, and a tamping device is used during the backfilling process to prevent the soil from settling.
  • Finally, a thorough cleanup of the entire working area is carried out to make sure the property is returned to its original clean state.


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