Blocked Sewers and Pipes

Sewage backup into the home is very unpleasant. Markham Plumbing can help.

Blocked Sewers and Pipes Repair  in Markham

When things that should flush down back up into the home then that usually means blocked sewers, and sewage backup is unpleasant, to put it lightly.

Blocked sewers can be caused by many reasons, including but not limited to:

  •      Cracked pipes
  •      Grease
  •      Tree roots
  •      Diapers

Markham Plumbing will help you establish the cause of the problem, providing you with a quote of the final payment with no discrepancies or hidden fees. Once the problem has been identified, an appropriate and the most cost-efficient method will be used to clear the blockage. Such methods include using high pressure drain cleaners and sewer snakes. If the blocked sewer is the result of rusted or damaged pipes then our plumbers will either repair or replace the pipe. Many times, the whole pipe needs to be replaced in order to ensure the sewer system will function perfectly.

We are happy to serve your needs dealing with 

blocked sewers and pipes repair service:

If you’re searching for reliable and experienced plumbers to fix your sewage backup problems, look no further. Contact Markham Plumbing on (289) 469-0424 now! You will not be disappointed with our services. 

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